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The Zig Zag brand is iconic in cannabis culture, with its logo tattooed on many enthusiasts. Originating from a French soldier's improvised smoke during a battle in the 19th century, Zig Zag revolutionized rolling papers in 1894.1 Their interleaved zig-zag booklet design set the standard for modern rolling papers.

Bridge Bud Supply has marijuana rolling papers and supplies in Lethbridge North, South, and West to suit seasoned smokers and newbies alike. From single-wide papers to king-size slim (you’ll know what that term means by the end of this article), you can find the perfect size for your smoking preferences.

How are Rolling Papers Made?

Rolling papers are typically made from a combination of wood pulp and flax or hemp fibres. The process begins by breaking down the raw materials into a pulp and spreading it into thin sheets. 

These sheets are then dried and cut into the desired size and shape. Some rolling papers may be treated with additives like: 

  1. Binding agents: Help hold the paper together and maintain its structural integrity during rolling and smoking.
  2. Gumming agents: Create a sticky adhesive on the edge of the paper that, when moistened, allows the paper to seal and hold the joint together.
  3. Flavourings: Enhance the taste of the smoking experience.
  4. Burn additives: These chemicals help regulate the papers’ burn rate, ensuring a more consistent and controlled smoking experience.
  5. Whitening agents: Besides bleaching, other whitening agents may be used to achieve a desired colour or appearance.

It's important to be aware of rolling paper additives and choose products that align with your preferences and health considerations. For example, you may opt for unbleached papers or those made with natural, organic materials.

What are Rolling Papers and Cones?

Rolling papers and cones are both popular options for smoking marijuana. Rolling papers are thin sheets of paper that you roll your joints with. They come in various sizes, from single wide to king-size slim. 

Cones, on the other hand, are cone-shaped pre-rolled papers. They are typically easier to fill and can provide a more consistent smoking experience. Choosing rolling papers or cones is a personal preference, so experiment and find what works best for you.

Where to Buy Rolling Papers in Lethbridge

With locations in Lethbridge North, South, and West, Bridge Bud Supply has got you covered no matter where you are in the city. With papers ranging from bleached to unbleached and ultra-thin to wet-proof, we’ve got something for every environment, rain or shine.

The Bud Supply Group has nine locations across southern Alberta, and we named each of our locations after something relevant to the city. For example, we called our Lethbridge stores “Bridge Bud Supply” because Lethbridge is famous for its colossal train bridge.

Bud Supply Group began with three cannabis enthusiasts from Southern Alberta. Our focus on people and education remains unwavering as we continue to grow and serve our communities.

Our Top-Selling Rolling Papers & Supplies

Bridge Bud Supple North, South, and West offer a wide range of rolling papers and supplies. Visit our store today or shop online to explore our products and find everything you need for the perfect smoke. Here are some of our top-sellers:

Best Selling Unbleached Papers

ZIG-ZAG—Single Wide (70mm) Unbleached Brown papers are top sellers because they are unbleached, easy to roll, and burn slowly. 

Best Cone Papers

Choice Leaf Rose—Lg 2pk helps bring out the floral notes in your favourite cannabis strains. Each Rose cone is made with a spiral filter for smoother draws and is cleaned with distilled water to remove impurities. Simply pack, light and indulge. 

Best Machine Roller

Not the best roller? No problem. The ZIG-ZAG - 1-1/4 (79mm) Rolling Machine has you covered. Ideal for the new smoker or the toker on the go, this easy-to-use rolling machine rolls a perfect joint every time.

Rolling Paper Sizes: A Complete Guide

Rolling papers come in various sizes to accommodate different smoking preferences. Here is a complete guide to the most common rolling paper sizes:

  • Single Wide: The smallest size, perfect for a quick smoke.
  • 1 1/4 (One-and-a-Quarter): Slightly larger than single wide. Ideal for solo sessions.
  • 1 1/2 (One-and-a-Half): A bit wider than 1 ¼. Great for sharing with friends.
  • Double Wide: Twice the size of single wide. Perfect for bigger rolls or group smoking.
  • King Size: Longer and wider than double wide. Ideal for those who like to roll big joints.
  • King Size Slim: Similar in length to king size, but thinner for a more refined smoking experience.

Whether you prefer a small smoke or a king-size joint, Bridge Bud Supply has a rolling paper size that's perfect for you.

Roll Up in Style: Top Rolling Papers in Lethbridge

At Bridge Bud Supply, you’ll find products that perfectly complement rolling papers, like hash and kief. Hash goes with weed, like butter and toast. Mix some into your joint before you take off. Our collection of cannabis products and accessories ensures a perfect smoke session for everyone. Visit our locations in Lethbridge North, South, and West today.


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