Welcome to
Bud Supply!

If you look at us on the surface, you’ll see a cannabis retail chain with 9 cannabis stores scattered across Southern Alberta. But a closer look tells you so much more!

Bud Supply Group started as an idea between three Southern Alberta boys with a passion for cannabis. The idea quickly changed into a reality not long after cannabis legalization when we started our very first store in October 2018 with a goal to give the very best experience possible to our guests.

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the support we’ve seen in the communities we nestle. This business is locally grown from people like you!

What to expect from Bud Supply?

Great question! Glad you asked.

When you walk into our stores, you’re walking into a safe, judgement free place. We’re here to help you get what’s best for your situation! While we can’t give medical advice (and shouldn’t!) Bud Supply Budtenders are well trained and knowledgeable on our products. They LOVE it when you ask them what they recommend! Sure, if you’re in a rush, or just want to be in and out quick, we can do that no problem. But the real value comes from the conversations that happen inside our four walls. At the heart of it Bud Supply is about creating community, improving the cannabis industry, and supporting the communities we are in.




To be the leaders in the cannabis industry and the first choice for consumers wherever we operate.

We are leaders in the products we offer, genuine service we provide, and teams we build, all while improving every community we operate in.

To provide an escape from life's daily stresses through simple access to cannabis, and to remove the negative stigma of cannabis.

What Do we Value?


We will always ensure Bud Supply is a positive and fun place for our employees to work and customers to shop.


We stand by what we sell and strive to only recommend products that align with customer’s needs or interests.


We do everything from a place of true care for our employees, customers, and the communities we operate in.


We strive to continuously improve and strengthen our business, all while maintaining small company culture.


We build up and give back to communities. We want to be on a first-name basis with as many customers as possible. Giving back is another part of what makes up Bud Supply Group. We've run community clean ups, food drives, and community barbecues. Anything that lets us support the communities we are in.


We educate and provide insight to customers and empower our employees to become their best selves.

We are Bud Supply,
With locations nestled in communities across Alberta, we’ve made it convenient for you to find your favourite Bud Supply. With knowledgeable Budtenders, friendly conversations, and a massive product offering, we’re pretty confident there’s something for everyone!