The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Stoner In Your Life

It can be tough to find the perfect present for a Stoner. Read this, to know the perfect gifts for a weed lover.




As anyone who's ever tried to buy a gift for a cannabis enthusiast knows, it can be tough to find the perfect present. After all, there are so many different ways to enjoy cannabis - and each person has their own preferences. That's why we've put together this handy guide. By the end of it, you should know exactly what to pick up for your little stoner.


First, let’s find out what kind of cannabis lover we’re dealing with! By taking a few minutes to figure out how your giftee likes to enjoy cannabis, you'll be able to quickly narrow down your search and find the perfect present. Are they more of an edibles person, or do they prefer to vape? If they smoke instead, do you know how they prefer to consume (Bong, Pipe, or Joints)? Perhaps they love dabbing, which is a way to vaporize cannabis concentrates. Or maybe they're just new to cannabis and don't know where to start. Once you've determined what type of stoner you're buying for, scroll down to that section for our top three gift ideas for each category!

Edibles Person

The Edibles Lover often tends to enjoy movies or video games in a comfy couch. While a little movie kit with some popcorn, seasonings, and some candy is a great idea, why not sprinkle some edibles into that mix! Always a fun idea for a movie night! For edibles we’re thinking gummies, chocolates, and cannabis drinks! We’ve come a long way from just having “special brownies”.

  1. Weed Gummies (Soft Chew): With most packages of edibles being capped at 10MG of THC due to a Health Canada Regulation, many of our guests who enjoy edibles end up buying multiple packs to get enough THC for their desired effect.

These ones have 110MG of THC in a package (10 pieces in a pack).

Sun Shower uses a different type of THC in their soft-chews called Delta-8 The THC most talk about is Delta-9THC. Think of Delta 8 THC as like a “Weed-lite”. You still get all the desired effects but often sans the paranoia and anxiety that some people are prone to. Each pack has the max amount of Delta-9 THC (10MG) paired with 100MG of Delta-8THC. Legally allowing you to buy more THC in one shot. Oh and did we mention it’s under $20?

     2. Weed Drinks (Cannabis Beverage): Why not treat your special stoner to a cannabis drink? While the effects feel very much the same as edibles, cannabis beverages tend to hit a little faster. Usually within15 – 30 minutes rather than the usual 1-2 hours from an edible.

While you can certainly find all kinds of drinks out there like seltzers, sodas, beers, iced teas, juice, ginger beer and cola. We’d recommend the cranberry citrus cosmo canntini from Truss. This little can tastes like a cranberry cosmo with a shot of delicious in it. Perfect for the holidays!

     3. Weed Chocolates (Chocolate Edibles): Now you might think that chocolate is chocolate. We’re here to tell you there are so many options. There’s all kinds of flavours other than just the usual milk, dark, and white chocolate. Now you can find other flavours like mini doughnuts, key lime pie, raspberry, and even orange creamsicle! Bernard Callebaut even jumped into the edibles game with THC infused peanut butter cups.

If you're looking for a festive flavor option why not try the White Chocolate Eggnog chocolate from Back Forty! These white chocolate coins blend flavors of chocolate and eggnog for a festive edibles delight!


BONUS: Edibles Advent Calendars. For a limited time, we’re offering a 12 Days Of Christmas – Cannabis Advent Calendar! With a curated collection of gummies and chocolates this is the PERFECT gift for any edibles lover.



The vape aficionado tends to enjoy vapes for a variety of reasons. Vaping offers delightful flavours and is the most portable way to enjoy cannabis discreetly while on the go. Here’s our thoughts on what your vaper might LOVE as a gift.

     1. RYOT Verb Vape: While most vapes are in the shape of a pen, the RYOT Verb does its own thing. More reminiscent of a lighter, the Verb can be held and enjoyed discreetly. Best of all, this fun little vape runs off a quick swap system that lets you quickly change your cartridges magnetically instead of screwing them on and off a battery over, and over again. We found the battery comparable (if not better) to any of the usual510 thread batteries being used. The RYOT Verb is all around amazing!

STONESMITHS - Piccolo Concentrates Vape Pen

     2. Piccolo Concentrate Vape Pen: This pen has it all! The ability to smoke concentrates, vape cartridges, AND has the best battery life! Our guests have reported not needing to recharge their daily use vape for weeks and in some cases a couple months!

DabCap Vape Adapter

     3. The Dab Cap: This is one of the coolest gifts you can get for anyone that vapes. This little silicone adapter allows for you to connect your vape to a water pipe (like a bong or dab rig) to filter the vapour through water. This makes for smoother, more flavourful hits and making the experience that much better.

Flower Smoker (Bong)

The bong smoker also may enjoy bongs for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy bongs for the social and collective feel (passing it around), others enjoy the efficiency (less weed, more stoned) over pre-rolls. The bong gets more of that good ol’ THC in you faster than most other methods. Whatever the reason, here’s our top three gift ideas for a bong smoker.

     1. New Glass: There’s not a whole lot of bong smokers that won’t appreciate another bong! Sometimes it’s nice to have options to smoke out of, or even to have a backup if one breaks. Here’s a couple quick tips on things to consider when buying a bong.

         a. Glass Thickness – The thinner the glass, the easier it is to break. Usually, higher quality glass will be thicker and more sturdy.

         b. Bong Size – While it’s generally true that the bigger the bong, the smoother the hit (more air is mixed with the smoke), some bong smokers find larger bongs to be too large for their lungs to clear in one breath. It’s a balance game and often a good idea to choose a bong somewhere in the middle. Not too big, not too small.

         c. Percolation – The more percolation (percs) in a bong, the smoother the smoke will be as well. This comes with a trade-off with the draw being more restricted the more percs there are. We feel that 1-3 percs are more than sufficient for most bong smokers.

     2. Hemp Wick: This one is for that all natural and craft loving stoner. Butane from lighters and torches can change the flavour of your weed while burning it. Hemp wick burns at a lower temperature, offering smoother hits without that hint of butane flavour.

Randy's Black Label Cleaner

     3. Cleaners & Caps: Does your bong smoker always have disgustingly dirty glass all the time? Maybe the best gift they can receive is a cleaning bundle! We recommend a quick bottle of Randy’s Black Label and a set of bong caps for easier cleaning (easier to shake all those cleaners in the bong).


Flower Smoker (Joints)

Why does a joint smoker enjoy joints? We think there’s a few reasons here. It’s a classic social way to enjoy weed. It offers better flavours than bong or pipe tokes and creates a mellow experience with the slower uptick of cannabinoids (THC THC THC!!!), and terpenes into the system.

     1. Pre-Roll’s Advent Calendar - The best part about buying something for a joint smoker is that it almost always seems like they are out of joints! The simplest solution is often the best solution, so we’ve put together a cannabis advent calendar for you. This is a “12 Jays of Christmas” calendar which is so much fun! Give that spark of a gift 12 times over with this gift!

     2. Rolling Tray: Is your stoner still rolling their joints in a Pyrex tray? Let’s upgrade their world with a dedicated rolling tray! We’ve got all kinds of tray ranging from wooden ones, to glass and metal with all kinds of designs. Pick your favourite and you’re off to the races!

Ashtrays made from our budtender "The Wood Dungeon"

     3. Handmade Ashtray: What about something a little more… personal? We’ve got hand-turned ashtrays. Crafted from one of our very own budtenders with exotic woods like cherry, rosewood, and purple heart. These are some seriously beautiful ashtrays!


Flower Smoker (Pipes)

Pipe Smokers usually enjoy pipes because they are portable and easy to use. Some enjoy pipes because when used correctly, pipes can have a smooth smoking experience. With all kinds of styles, pipes can also be stylish. Plus at the end of the day, smoking a pipe just seems to help your mind relax. Here’s our thoughts on what your pipe lover will enjoy as a gift!

     1. Hemp Wick – Like mentioned above, hemp wick is considered to be a healthier alternative to using a lighter as it does not produce any harmful chemicals when burned. That also provides a better taste when smoking cannabis, as it does not alter the taste of the herb like some lighters can. Lastly, it’ll help keep their lighter full, for longer. Everyone hates it when their lighter runs out of fluid. It’s the worsssstt!

SharpStone V2 - 2.5" Grinder - 4 Piece

     2. Grinder – This is as simple as the suggestions get! Stoners tend to use their grinders until they gunk up, or break. On top of that, grinders can go missing pretty easily. It’s nice to have a backup! We recommend grabbing the 2.5” SharpStone Grinder. SharpStone is one of the best bang for your buck grinders with great quality! The 2.5” size is small enough to be portable, but big enough to hold that milled flower for a good-sized group. Plus, it has an extra chamber to catch all of that amazing kief!

     3. New Pipe – Finally, why not just get a new pipe for your weed lover? Weed pipes, for the most part, are very affordable! You can get some really nice unique glass pipes from $25 up to around $80 for a handblown, more artsy one. Better yet, we’ve got a “Gandalf Pipe” otherwise known as a Shire Pipe that’s PERFECT for a gift. Who doesn’t want a pipe with afoot long mouthpiece? They’ll be blowing smoke ships sailing through the clouds in no time!

Gandalf Style - Shire Pipe



Dabbers tend to be a cannabis enthusiast that’s pretty experienced with cannabis. With dabs, you’re vaporizing a cannabis concentrate rather than burning the flower itself. As for concentrates, there are so many different kinds! Shatter, rosin, resin, wax, crumble, diamonds, budder, caviar, terp-sauce, and the list goes on. If you aren’t sure which format your dabber prefers, no problem. There’s plenty of other great gifts for dabbers.

     1. Dab Rig: Just like with Bongs, a dabber can never have too much glass. If you really want to wow your dabbing stoner, finding a great little rig can be the perfect gift! With something like a dab rig, it can be just as much about the looks as it is about the function. So really, pick your favorite style and go with it! You can’t go wrong.

     2. New Tools: This is one that’s often overlooked with concentrate lovers. Their tool! Most dabbers only have one tool to handle all of their concentrates (which we already talked about there being a bunch of formats). You wouldn’t use a spaghetti spoon to make soup would you? How about using a spatula like a knife? It’ll do the job sometimes, but there’s better tools for the job. The same goes for dab tools. Shatter has a far different consistency from a rosin and different tools to handle them is so incredibly handy. Take a look at this set of three dab tools from Honeystick!

     3. Concentrates Pen: Rather than rock the torch, banger, rig and carb cap. Why not enjoy the portability of a dab pen? The Piccolo(mentioned above in the vape section) is the perfect gift for your stoner to enjoy dabs on the go. These Piccolo vapes have a ceramic chamber and three different heat settings for the perfect, flavourful dab every time.

New To Cannabis

What about the person who isn’t super familiar with cannabis? Or maybe someone who’s starting on their cannabis journey? Here’s a couple great idea’s!


     1. Never Tried Cannabis: Cannabis can be used in so many ways other than getting high. Why not build a little self-care kit and add some cannabis infused creams (known as CBD cream), and maybe even a cannabis bath bomb. CBD cream has been reported to give soothing effects to achy muscles and joints. We find that weed bath bombs are also a great way to unwind and leave your skin incredibly soft. For a CBD cream, we recommend Proofly CBD Cream. For the weed bath bomb, we’d recommend the Lavender CBD Bath Bomb from Noon & Night.

     2. Cannabis Rolling Kit: Why not build a little rolling kit? With these kinds of things, we feel cost is key. Some one new to enjoying cannabis isn’t always sure what they want. This is a great opportunity to pickup some cost effective items for them to try out! Think about putting together a cheap pipe, small grinder, some papers, and a small rolling tray. It’s the perfect setup to get into cannabis.

     3. If your giftee is super new to weed, there’s a good chance they can’t roll a nice joint to save their lives. If that’s the case, here’s three great options to help them out!

         a. Cones – Just pick them up a pack of cones! With cones, you fill with as much weed as you’d like, then twist off the end. Easy peasy.

         b. Rolling Machine – If you can’t roll joints the classic way to save your life, then a rolling machine will make you feel like you have superpowers. Perfectly roll straight cut joints every time with ease. A great gift for the newly budding stoner (see what we did there?).

         c. Pre-Roll’s – Why not save all the hassle, and avoid learning the skill when you can just get em’ some pre-rolls! We have a 12Jays Of Christmas advent calendar, or you can pick out some of your favourite pre-rolls for them to try out instead! You cant go wrong with gifting weed!



That about wraps up our Ultimate Gift Guide For The Stoner In Your Life! We hope this helped you out, but if you’re still stumped on what to get the stoner in your life, we’ve got you covered. Stop by Bud Supply or browse our online menu to snag that perfect gift! With everything from edibles and vapes to bongs and pipes, we’ve got something for everyone.

If you need a little help picking the right product, our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way. Merry Christmas(or happy holidays, whichever you prefer) and happy shopping!

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