5 Ideas for a Cannabis Date Night

Looking for ways to "Spark Up" your next date night? Here's five cannabis friendly ideas!


Hey, happy couples! Looking for some fun new date night ideas? Why not try out a few of these cannabis-friendly activities? From watching movies to cooking dinner together, there's something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get your loved one and some weed. Lets have a great date night!


1. Watch a movie and make popcorn

This is the perfect date for you, your other half, and your favorite plant. As the Southern Alberta cold sets in, you might want to spend more time inside. Why not watch a movie? We recommend either something funny or colorful (and maybe even animated), with lots o’ buttery popcorn or pizza in hand! Oh yeah--don't forget about some candy too; we know how amazing those sweets can taste after indulging in a little cannabis.


2. Playboard games or cards with friends

If you thought board games were fun as a child, try playing them now that you're old enough to smoke weed. Whether it's a date night, or just another regular night in with your pals, busting out a couple of board games and smoking your favorite herb makes for one hell of a fun time. Just imagine how much better Monopoly will be when everyone is stoned... More laughter, more relaxed, and far less table flipping!

Board Games + Cannabis = A Fun Time, Every Time!

What games should you play while baked? We’d recommend game with simple rules to understand and follow. If it’s just the two of you, maybe look at card games like “Gin Rummy”, “Cribbage”, or “Exploding Kittens”.


3. Take a walk outside and enjoy nature! Or take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood, preferably somewhere you haven't been before.

It’s no secret that cannabis can help you feel closer to nature. Sometimes you’re given a new perspective when stoned! It’s almost as if the subtleties are enhanced. Bubbling rivers, the wind rustling through trees, or maybe the sound of a distant animal. Hiking with a joint or vape can be an absolute blast with your partner! We’d recommend an uplifting, buzzy strain to keep yourself from feeling sluggish on the trail. Don't forget lots of water and a little snack for the possibility of munchies. Remember to be conscious of your surroundings. Don’t leave litter and be extra cautious of those roaches(the weed kind). We don’t want to start any forest fires!

If you’re not able to get out into nature, try going for a walk around your neighborhood. The two of you might be surprised on what you can find in your own backyard!


4. Write letters to one another or create new poems together

Looking for a night in, but want something different than Netflix or video games? Here’s one that’s a little different! Why not toke up together and then write each other notes or poems? Try writing notes to each other about how you feel, what you're seeing, or anything that comes to mind. Try not to laugh too hard. A brain on weed can come up with the strangest (and sometimes funniest) perspectives. This is a great date night activity for new couples trying to get to know each other better, or couples looking for new ways to connect!


5. Make a delicious meal together eat it while stoned, then clean up after yourselves soyou don't have to do it when you're sober again!

There’s something romantic and fun about working on something together with your other half. Cooking a meal with your other half can be a great way to connect with each other, especially when a little stoned. With the winter cold upon us the process of cooking together, setting the table, and digging into your meal is a warming thought.

Planning on cooking together while high? Here’s a couple tips!

- Keep it simple. Don’t get too fancy if you haven’t tried cooking under the influence before. You might also find it difficult to follow a new recipe while baked.

-  Set timers. One drawback of cannabis is that sometimes you space out and lose track of time. That might not bode well for the quiche you’ve got in the oven. Timers with alarms do all the thinking for you and remind you when to do what.

- Turn off your burners! Make sure to turn off the stove or any other hot things in the kitchen when you’re done with them. We don’t need the house burning down.

- Do some prep before. If you’re nervous or a little clumsy with the knife, think about what you can prepare before toking up.

Last thing! Make sure you clean up as you go so that you don’t have a giant mess to deal with when you’re sober.


Bonus: Make out (or do more)

An added bonus of a cannabis date night, can be the extra steamy make-out sessions!

As lovers, when we kiss there is so much more than just pushing lips together. You’re responding to signals they give to you. The chemical relaxation caused by marijuana helps put us in an altered state where interpreting signals becomes easier and responding accordingly will lead you closer together. That means things can get spicy!

So why not smoke a joint before, or during your make-out! Get creative with different ways to trade smoke, and play around Just remember, it'll be a different experience for everyone. Figuring out what the two of you enjoy is all part of the fun!

Quick Tip: Be conscious of the dankness. Especially with a Joint. You and your breath might not smell as great as you think. It doesn’t hurt to ask your partner if your breath smells okay. It never hurts to brush your teeth, or pop some gum after burning a stick.


Also: Some people find themselves sleepy and tired after certain strains. Try choosing a buzzy, or uplifting strain to set the mood if this is an issue.  



So there you have it. We talked about 5 different ways to goon a cannabis date night. Whether you’re looking for something new with your partner to mix up the routine, or looking for a good date idea, these may be perfect for you! We hope that they help make your next date more memorable and fun. If you've got more ideas of how to spend time together while enjoying some ganja, let us know on insta @budsupplygroup! We'd love to hear them.

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