Bongs Basics: How to Choose, Buy, and Use a Bong in Lethbridge

Learn how to choose and buy the perfect bong in Lethbridge. Find budget-friendly options, and great deals at Bridge Bud Supply North, South, and West

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Let’s talk about bongs because let’s face it, they hit differently. Most stoners have at least one memorable bong story where a toke sent them into oblivion.  

When it comes to smoking weed, bongs deserve their own category. Just like joints, blunts, pipes, and vapes, bongs have a loyal fan base of their own.

Bongs are a right of passage for many weed smokers and so is accidentally breaking a bong. It’s bound to happen eventually! Whether you’re new to bongs or a seasoned toker — Bud Supply in Lethbridge has a bong for every budget, so come on by and check them out.

What Are Bongs?

A bong is a cylindrical-shaped tube with a round or triangular water reservoir at the base of the cylinder and a mouthpiece at the top. They’re typically made of glass, plastic, or silicone. 

They can also be called water pipes, similar to hookahs, but are much larger than a typical pipe. 

Smoking bongs in Lethbridge is popular because of the unique effect that water has on the toke. Unlike smoking a joint, blunt, or vape, a hit from the bong tends to be smoother… and potentially stronger too!

How Do Bongs Work?

At the top of the cylinder is a mouthpiece and at the bottom, attached to the water reservoir is a bowl that connects to a downstem. 

With weed you have busted up using a weed grinder, you can pack your bowl with the flower and sprinkle some kief on top that was collected by your grinder. 

As you use a lighter to burn the weed in the bowl, you slowly start to inhale from the mouthpiece. If done properly, as you inhale, water will begin bubbling in the reservoir and smoke will begin to rise up the chamber.

Lastly, you pull the bowl out of the downstem, inhale deeply and clear the chamber.

What Does The Water In The Bong Do?

As you inhale, the smoke is pulled through the downstem and into the water reservoir. Smoke will drag up through the water generating bubbles and cooling down the smoke. 

Some bongs have ice catches in the chamber; an ice catch is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an add-on accessory for your bong, so the smoke passes three or four ice cubes to create an icy-smooth toke. 

What Should I Consider Before Buying A Bong In Lethbridge 

There are three main things to consider before buying a bong if you’re purchasing one in Lethbridge: 


Because size does matter. If you want a personal piece for the occasional rip (toke) then something around 8” tall will suffice. But if you’re looking for a statement piece to impress your friends then go big with a 16” piece… or go home.


Glass, silicone, and plastic bongs are the most common, however, glass is the best option. Glass can handle heat and is the safest for smoking out of. If you see “Borosilicate glass” then you know you’ve got a high-standard product.


At Bridge Bud Supply North, South, and West, we offer a wide range of budget-friendly bongs from $35 - $100 and all the way up to $600!

What Are The Best Bongs In Lethbridge North, South And West?

Whether you’re looking for a compact travel piece or a permanent fixture on the coffee table to have pride in, check out our favourites. 

Best Budget-Friendly Bong In Lethbridge West

For an option that is compact, travel-friendly, and the best bang for your buck, we recommend the 8.5" Kali Silicone Bong made by Piece Maker.


Our Favourite Local-Made Bong In Lethbridge North

Sweet Justice Glass is a bong maker from Lethbridge who currently lives in Rocky Mountain House. For a piece to be proud of, check out the Partial Colour Glass Bong by Sweet Justice Glass.

The Most Unique Water Pipe In Lethbridge South

Technically not a bong but definitely a close relative, the Saturn Water Pipe by MJ Arsenal is one of the coolest pieces we’ve seen. It’s seven inches tall and is modeled after Saturn so you know it’ll take you out of this world.

Be sure to consider size, material, and budget when you’re scoping out your next bong in Lethbridge Visit any one of our Bridge Bud Supply locations in Lethbridge North, South, or West for great deals and sales on everything weed related.

Why Should I Use a Bong?

Because bongs are more than just smoking devices; they're a lifestyle. The distinctive way they deliver a hit makes them a favourite among cannabis enthusiasts, offering a memorable experience that's incomparable to other methods. Plus, everyone needs at least one bong story.

At Bridge Bud Supply North, South, and West, we offer a range of bongs to suit various needs and budgets—from budget-friendly silicone bongs to locally handcrafted masterpieces—we’ve got a bong for you.

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