Where to Find the Best Cannabis Chocolate Deals in Fort MacLeod

Explore our guide to find the best deals on weed chocolates in Fort Macleod.


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Eating cannabis is not the same as when you smoke it. It makes you feel different, the effects don’t kick in as quickly, and they last much longer. Cannabis chocolates are a great way to enjoy the benefits of weed without having to smoke the plant. They’re also super tasty and fun to share.

If you’re downtown Fort Macleod, visit Fort Bud Supply and browse the variety of cannabis chocolates we have for you to try. If you haven’t tried cannabis chocolates or edibles then you’ll want to read this before you do. 

Where to Buy Cannabis Chocolates in Fort MacLeod

Buying weed, especially edibles, from a licensed retailer is the safest way to buy marijuana. Cannabis legalization has led to strict quality control standards. This helps you avoid contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals in your weed. 

The best retail weed shop in Fort Macleod for deals on cannabis chocolates is

Fort Bud Supply. It was the first cannabis shop launched by The Bud Supply Group. What started as an idea between three Southern Alberta boys with a passion for cannabis, now has nine locations nestled in communities across Southern Alberta. Our mission is to make cannabis accessible and affordable to Albertans.

How Have Cannabis Chocolates Changed the Chocolate Industry? 

Companies like Hershey used to get away with cowboy-level industry standards. That was until cannabis labs laid down the law. Before lab testing on weed, major chocolate companies sold products with harmful levels of heavy metals in their chocolate.

Because of testing and strict quality control in the cannabis industry, we’re learning more about chocolate. In an article published by Forbes, the co-founder, Alec Dixon, of a cannabis lab in California shared some shocking facts. 

Some background information: Cadmium is a heavy metal, like lead and mercury, found in mountainous regions where cacao trees grow. Cacao, the main ingredient of chocolate, grows on trees. As the trees grow, the roots suck up cadmium from the soil, cleansing the soil and storing it in the cacao pods. The pods are then used to make chocolate. 

In the article published by Forbes, Dixon shares that because of cannabis testing, we’re more aware of the high levels of this toxic metal found in chocolate. This has led to safer products being sold on the market.

It’s amazing, most things aren’t tested the way that cannabis is. And because of that, entire industries are changing so that we can consume safely. 

What to Look For When Choosing Cannabis Chocolates

Understanding labels is going to help you make the right decisions. When you see THC, CBD, live resin, shatter, or Indica on product labels, we want you to feel confident in what you’re choosing, and keep you in the loop. Here are some guiding principles:

Type of Cannabinoids

The two main cannabinoids you’ll see on most labels are THC and CBD. THC is a highly psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the intoxicating feeling. And CBD is considered a low-psychoactive cannabinoid. It's associated with relaxation.

Look for cannabis chocolate bars with these listed on their labels. You can explore some right now at Fort Bud Supply’s online store.

Dosage in Cannabis Chocolates

The dosage will be the milligrams of either THC or CBD in the chocolate bar. For example, the Caramel Dark Chocolate 1:1 10mg by BHANG has equal parts THC to CBD. 

The whole chocolate bar is 10mg. But it can be broken into four pieces to have 2.5mg pieces for a smaller dose.

Our Best-Selling Cannabis Chocolates in Fort Macleod

Edibles are a great alternative to smoking because they’re less harmful to your lungs. And if you’re using cannabis to settle your anxiety, the effects of edibles last longer than when you smoke weed. Here are some of our favourites you can try.

Best CBD Chocolate

The Evening Milk Chocolate 1:1 CBN:CBD is a popular choice in Fort Macleod. Each piece has 10 mg CBN and 10 mg CBD infused into creamy milk chocolate. CBN is a weaker form of THC.

Best THC Chocolate

The Vanilla Double-Stuffed Chocolate Cookie takes the cake. It sandwiches a double layer of THC-infused vanilla icing between two cookies. Whether you eat the middle first is up to you, but that's where the THC is infused. Each cookie contains 10 mg THC and there's one cookie per bag.

What to Know Before You Try Cannabis Chocolates

Everyone reacts differently to edibles. The experience is nothing like when you smoke a joint. To prepare you, we’ve made a list of important things to consider before you eat cannabis chocolates.

  • Read the label carefully to understand each dose
  • Understand that the effects will take longer to kick in and last longer too
  • The effects you feel through ingesting cannabis could be more intense than when you smoke or vape it
  • Start low and slow with no more than 2.5 mg of THC
  • Wait at least 3 hours before eating more

Find Your Favourites at Fort Bud Supply

Look for a licensed cannabis retail store like Fort Bud Supply in Fort Macleod for your weed needs. Because testing helps bring the safest and best products to the market. And if weed chocolate isn’t your thing, check out our article about weed gummies in Fort Macleod.

Visit Fort Bud Supply today and speak with our Budtenders. They'll introduce you to new and exciting products.

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