Everything You Need to Know About Sativa in Lethbridge

Discover the best Sativa strains in Lethbridge. Learn about their effects, history, and where to find Bridge Bud Supply’s most popular products.

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For as long as there has been cannabis there has been a friendly divide between Sativa and Indica enthusiasts. It all boils down to what sort of experience you’re after: Do you look for mood-elevation and focus or do you want to completely let go, unwind and relax?

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a curious beginner, this article will provide insights into the cannabis plant, its effects, and where to find the best Sativa strains in Lethbridge North, West, and South.

A Brief History of the Differences Between Sativa and Indica

Both strains have been around for a long time. If you can believe it, there are fossilised leaf prints and pollen spores from cannabis plants that date back 19.6 million years ago. Now that’s a trip. 

Those 19.6 million year old fossilised pollen spores come from a north-central province in China. This plant knows no bounds and has been recorded throughout time across the globe. Sativa is thought to have come from Eurasia which covers all of Europe and Asia while Indica is believed to come from the Middle East and India.

Fast forward to now, we’re having a chat about some of the best Sativa strains you can find here in Lethbridge.

Why Do People Enjoy Sativas and Where Can I Find Sativas in Lethbridge?

People tend to think of Sativas as a stimulant and report feeling energetic and alert. If you’re looking to increase your focus, creativity, or productivity then a Sativa strain could help you achieve that.

While Sativas are associated with alertness and productivity, Indica strains are known for their calming effect. It’s important to note that Sativa and Indica are usually used as naming factors, a lot of the strains that you’re getting on the market these days are hybrid strains.

Bridge Bud Supply has three locations in Lethbridge where you can find all sorts of Sativa strains. Whether you’re in the mood for flower, edibles or concentrate, we have you covered at Bridge Bud Supply in Lethbridge North, Lethbridge South, and Lethbridge West 

Top Sativa Strains in Lethbridge North

Lemon Haze at Bridge Bud Supply in Lethbridge North looks amazing with frosty, light green buds and orange hairs. Right when you open this package you’ll be hit with a sweet tropical mango aroma that will lighten up your senses.

Top Sativa Strains in Lethbridge West

If you’re looking for an edible, try the Tangerine Dream Cured Resin Sativa Soft Chews at our Lethbridge West  store. Every gummy is evenly dosed at 2.5mg THC for a consistent and authentic experience.

The selection is wide at Bridge Bud Supply, so if you’d rather go for a joint then check out our Tangie Sunset Pre-Rolls that come in a 10-pack.

Top Sativa Strains in Lethbridge South

This classic cross between the Cookies strain and Mandarin Sunset makes the Mandarin Cookies in Lethbridge South a great option for that high-energy feeling that Sativas are known for.

Recent Research is Bridging the Gap Between Sativas and Indicas

Because of weed’s legalisation in Canada in 2018, there have been opportunities to study and publish findings on the plant and its incredible compounds. 

What we’re learning is that the traditional thoughts about Sativa and Indica, one being euphoric and one being super-relaxing, isn’t necessarily true. We recommend you try different strains, including hybrids and experiment with products from different growers as well.

So What Does Influence Your Experience?

There are several factors that influence this incredible plant and its effects. During the growing and curing process, cannabinoids (think THC and CBD) are developing and shaping the strain.

Without going into too much depth, THC and CBD aren’t the only cannabinoids at play here. There are hundreds of minor cannabinoids that are taking the spotlight. CBG and CBN can both be found in Sativas but one will have a euphoric effect while the other will have a sedative effect.

These minor cannabinoids are being focused on more as the cannabis industry continues to progress.

Terpenes are equally important, they’re responsible for the unique scent and taste. Depending on when the cannabis plant is harvested, either early or late in its flowering cycle, will determine how the terpenes influence the strain.

You can think of THC as the engine of a plane, it’ll get the plane high but it’s the wings (the terpenes) that guide it through its journey. As you can see, there’s lots at play here so continue to explore.

Where to Find Sativas in Lethbridge

Bridge Bud Supply has three locations in Lethbridge making it convenient for you. With knowledgeable budtenders, friendly conversations, and price match guarantees, we’re pretty confident there’s something for everyone!

  1. Bridge Bud Supply in Lethbridge North
  2. Bridge Bud Supply inLethbridge West
  3. Bridge Bud Supple in Lethbridge South

Stop by any one of these locations to learn more and find a Sativa that suits your needs.

Explore and Experiment with a Wide Range of Sativas in Lethbridge

There’s no one size fits all for cannabis, but our budtenders at Bridge Bud Supply in Lethbridge North, South, and West will help you find a great Sativa strain.

We’ve got Sativas in the form of flower, edibles, and concentrate and we pride ourselves on serving our local communities high-quality products that fit your budget. Come on by, get to know us, and discover your new favourite Sativa strain in Lethbridge.

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