Weed Gift Guide in Taber: Perfect Presents For 420 Friends

Find top-notch canna gifts in Taber. From advent calendars to vapes, find the perfect marijuana presents at Harvest Bud Supply for a festive 420 celebration.

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Get the gifts people want this year. In our opinion, nothing says I love you more than a stocking full of marijuana. From pre-rolls to edibles and even weed advent calendars, Harvest Bud Supply has the perfect weed gifts for the tokers of Taber.

That’s why we’ve come up with a weed gift guide that will bring joy and laughter to your 420 friends. Keep reading to find the perfect canna goodies for everyone on your list.

Why Our 12-Day Advent Calendar Is the Best Weed Gift You’ll Give This Christmas

Who wouldn’t love unboxing a new cannabis product every day for twelve days before Christmas? We’ve taken that nostalgic piece of your childhood, the chocolate advent calendar, and turned it into the best weed gift for your 420 friends.

Get creative and give different pieces of a stoner puzzle to someone. Papers one day, a lighter the next, followed by a grinder and then finally, the bud on top. Or simply fill each day of the calendar with a weed gummy or chocolate from Harvest Bud Supply for your lucky friend to enjoy. 

Stop by Harvest Bud Supply, right on the main highway that goes through Taber, and let our Budtenders help you pick out perfect weed gifts for the people closest to you.

Best Canna Gifts for the Weed Buff

The power of distillate meets the convenience of pre-rolls with Tropic Thunder Heavies Infused Pre-Rolls 3 Pack. The joints are infused with distillate to deliver extra potency, coming in at 47% THC. They’re rolled up and ready to smoke. 

Please anyone this holiday season with some top-notch live resin. Distinkt came out with Live Rosin Jam - 1g, which begins with sweet, creamy fruit notes and transforms into a sharp pine with hints of gas.

Dabbing is one of the most common ways to consume live resin, and we have lots of dab rigs in stock at Harvest Bud Supply, so come by and check them out. 

Best Weed Gifts for the Sweet Tooth

The Mango Sour Soft Chews 2 x 5mg by Tweed are an excellent option for the sweets lovers out there. Both pieces have 5mg of THC, and if that’s too much, you can cut each piece in half for a more mellow experience. 

More and more people are turning to cannabis drinks as a replacement for alcohol. The XMG Watermelon Beverage is one of the reasons why. It’s simple, delicious, and packed with 10mg of THC. It’s a refreshing drink that builds a buzz as you sip. 

Top Weed Vaporizers to Gift Someone this Christmas

The popular Yocan CUBEX Vaporizer is sleek, comes in assorted colours, and has a pre-heating function so you get a smooth toke when you draw on it. 

To turn someone’s frown upside down, get them the Unicorn Poop Live Resin Vape Cartridge by Jonny Chronic. Unicorn Poop is an Indica-dominant strain made from fresh frozen Unicorn Poop flower. The name alone is enough to bring a smile to the Grinch’s face. 

Best Wellness Weed Gift Basket in Taber

Treat someone who deserves a break with our Bath Bombs Multipack by Stewart Farms. The bath bombs are uniquely scented, handcrafted, and ultra-moisturizing with 100mg CBD and 100mg THC per fizzy sphere.

When they're done in the tub, they can apply Balance 1:1 THC:CBD Body Cream by Solei. With 250mg of both THC and CBD, this body cream provides a balanced recipe for relaxation and ultra smooth skin.

Lastly, for targeting specific regions like the neck or temples, Spring Hill Cannabis Company released the amazing 1:1 CBD/THC Eucalyptus, Spearmint and Tea Tree Relief Cream. A little goes a long way for quick and effective relief.

Harvest Bud Supply in Taber is the Place to get Gifts for a Weed Smoker

Harvest Bud Supply is one of Bud Supply Group’s nine locations across southeastern Alberta. We believe that Albertans deserve equal access to cannabis products and education, so we are committed to improving communities by creating genuine interactions and building lasting relationships. 

Stop by Harvest Bud Supply in Taber or visit our online store to get the perfect weed gifts for the tokers in your circle this Christmas. Happy 420 holidays.

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