A Buyer’s Guide to Weed Grinders in Taber

Discover the best weed grinders in Taber and where to find budget-friendly options.

How To

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast then you need to get yourself a weed grinder. Grinders make smoking cannabis more efficient, convenient, and downright fun. How can grinders make smoking weed more fun? Because some come with a keif catch that allows you to infuse your joints or bowls with powerful trichomes.

In this article, we'll talk about what you need to know before buying a grinder. We'll cover what they are, why they should be part of your cannabis toolkit, and where you can find the best deals on weed grinders in Taber.

What is a Weed Grinder?

Much like coffee grinders break down beans to make that perfect cup of joe, weed grinders break down cannabis for that perfect toke.

The advantage of grinding your cannabis is the consistency it provides. Consistency in size is crucial for rolling joints, blunts, or packing bowls in pipes and bongs. By grinding your cannabis, you ensure a smooth even burn. 

Types of Weed Grinders

Many grinders have a circular shape, like a hockey puck, that breaks down weed when rotated. The biggest difference between grinders is the materials used. 

Metal grinders are generally more expensive, especially if they’re made of steel or titanium as opposed to aluminum. But they’re more durable and will last a long time. Plastic grinders are more budget-friendly, but their teeth are more likely to break. Lastly, wood grinders are attractive, but they can be more challenging to clean. 

Of course size also matters. Smaller grinders are portable and ideal for on-the-go use. Larger grinders can break down more cannabis in a single load so that you can build up a stash.

The four-piece metal grinder, like the Sharpstone V2 - 4pc, is a popular choice. Four-piece grinders have grinding teeth, a storage chamber, and a kief catch. Kief is a trichome-rich powder that you can sprinkle onto your bowls, blunts or joints for an extra kick. We sell infused pre-rolls too.

Weed grinders come in two-, three-, and four-piece options. The choice depends on your preferences.

Where to Buy the Best Weed Grinder in Taber

The best place to find great deals on weed grinders in Taber is Harvest Bud Supply. We might be biassed but it’s because we stand by what we sell and only recommend products that are suited for you. Located on the main highway, we’re one of Bud Supply Group’s nine locations in Southern Alberta. It all started with three Southern Alberta boys with a passion for cannabis. Our mission is to make weed accessible and affordable to all Albertans.

Come by and chat with our knowledgeable Budtenders or shop our online store. No matter where you visit, you’ll find budget-friendly options at Harvest Bud Supply. Here are some of our favourites.

Best High-End Grinder

As mentioned above, the SharpStone 4-Piece Grinder is a top-notch grinder. SharpStone is hard to beat and because it’s a 4-piece, the keif catch chamber comes with it.

Best Local Grinder

If you want to rep local then check out our very own Bud Supply Acrylic Grinder. For only $10 this grinder is a great deal. 

Best Large Grinder

Bigger jobs need bigger tools. The Route 1 - Metal Grinder - 4 Piece - Large can grind enough weed for a full session.

How to Use a Herb Grinder

These are the simple steps for grinding your cannabis:

  1. Prepare your cannabis: Make sure your cannabis is ready for grinding. Remove any large sugar leaves and stems, leaving only the bud.
  2. Load the grinder: Place your prepared cannabis between the teeth of the grinder.
  3. Start grinding: Begin rotating the grinder. Initially, it may be hard. But as you continue, it will become smoother. Rotate about ten times or until all the bud has fallen through the holes into the storage chamber.
  4. Collect the ground cannabis: Once you're done, unscrew the grinder section and the storage chamber. In the storage chamber, your ground weed awaits, ready for use. You can now pack a bowl, roll a joint, or do whatever your heart desires.

The storage chamber doesn’t come in 2 piece grinders, but it’s a nice feature to have!

How to Clean a Sticky Weed Grinder

Keep your weed grinder clean to keep it working for years. Over time, trichome resin builds up on the teeth and walls making the grinder stick. A sticky grinder is hard to use. Here's how you can clean your weed grinder:

  1. A metal marijuana grinder can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush. 
  2. If you have a plastic or acrylic grinder then you can use dish soap and warm water to avoid damage done by alcohol.
  3. Let them soak, brush their teeth, dry them off and your weed grinder will be good as new.

How to Break up Cannabis Without a Grinder

Here are alternative methods to break up your cannabis without the need for a grinder.

  1. Finger-bustin: The most straightforward method involves breaking up your cannabis using your fingers.
  2. Scissors: Scissors are a great option as long as they’re clean. Pro Tip: Use a shot glass to hold the weed and snip away with the scissors in the glass. 
  3. Coffee grinder: If you have a coffee grinder, it’s useful for breaking down larger quantities.

None of these options are as good as a weed grinder. Whatever device you use, it’s going to get sticky from the trichomes. It’s best to have a dedicated device for your cannabis. Which is why we recommend you pick up a weed grinder.

Get Grindin’ with Weed Grinders at Harvest Bud Supply

Harvest Bud Supply is your trusted source. We provide budget-friendly options, deals, and a price match guarantee. So that you get the best value. 

Whether you’re looking for a weed grinder, flower, pre-rolls or cannabis accessories. We’ve got you covered at Harvest Bud Supply in Taber

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