A Buyer’s Guide to Vape Pens in Fort Macleod

Looking for vape pens in Fort Macleod? Explore our complete guide for top picks, best deals, and expert recommendations.

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Vape pens are a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis. Depending on the pen, you can recharge it, swap out the cartridges (more on these later), and bring it with you on the go without smelling like smoke.

Lighting up a joint can be awkward in some spaces, but vape pens are much more subtle and low-key so that you won’t stand out. They also act fast, meaning one or two puffs are all you need for a refreshing or stimulating feeling.

If you’re new to vape pens,  you might be wondering which vape pens are the best where you can buy vape pens in Fort Macleod. Well, you’re in the right place. This article will cover everything you need to know and more. 

What are Weed Vape Pens?

Weed vape pens get their name because they vaporize cannabis concentrates and are shaped like a pen. 

Cannabis concentrates are potent extracts derived from the cannabis plant. They are highly concentrated forms of cannabinoids, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), and can include:

There are also dry herb pens that can vaporize dried flower, but this article will focus on vape pens for cannabis concentrates. 

What is a Weed Cart vs Pen?

Cannabis vape carts, also called vape cartridges, are small containers filled with concentrated cannabis oil. You typically use them with a 510 battery thread (a standardized connection size that allows the cartridge to attach to the battery). 

The pen is the battery, and the cart is the cannabis product you can swap out and screw onto the pen. Carts and pens are usually sold separately, but sometimes they come in ready-to-use kits like the Haze Vape Kit, which includes a 510-thread vape cartridge, a rechargeable battery and a USB charger.

Some pens, like the Yocan CubeX, aren’t compatible with 510 cartridges. Instead, you would manually load concentrates like shatter or badder directly onto the coil for potent toking.

Is Vaping Better for You Than Smoking?

Vaporization is often considered a healthier alternative to smoking because it doesn't produce harmful byproducts associated with combustion. However, it is not entirely risk-free.1

Traditional smoking methods rely on combustion or setting cannabis on fire. When you light up a joint or use a pipe to smoke cannabis, you're combusting it. The high heat from the flame causes the cannabis to burn, releasing smoke. 

This smoke contains the active compounds in cannabis, like THC and CBD, as well as tar and other substances, which you then inhale.

Vaporization is different because it’s a low-temperature process. Instead of burning the cannabis, you're heating it to a temperature where the active compounds turn into vapour without actually burning the plant material itself. 

The vapour you inhale contains cannabinoids and terpenes but not as many harmful combustion byproducts because of the lower temperatures. However, like any other consumption method, vaping cannabis can lead to impairment and other health effects, so enjoy it responsibly. 

How Much Do Vape Pens Cost in Fort Macleod?

Expect to spend between $25 and $150 on a vape pen in Fort Macleod. Prices vary depending on what type of pen, how much cannabis concentrate you want, and, of course, where you decide to shop. 

Disposable pens typically have a lower up-front cost than reusable pens. However, single-use items aren’t as economical or environmentally friendly as reusable and refillable products.  

We want to give you the best cannabis deals at Fort Bud Supply, so we offer a price-match guarantee. If you find a better deal nearby, just let us know, and we'll make sure you get the same great price. 

We're all about making quality cannabis products affordable for Albertans.

Recommended Vape Pens in Fort Macleod by Our Budtenders

Recommendations and word of mouth are the best way to find new products. 

That’s why our Budtenders have compiled a list of our favourite vape pens, which are available in-store and online at Fort Bud Supply.

Best Bang For Your Buck Vape Pen (Battery)

The SAN RAFAEL '71 - 510 Variable Voltage Battery w/ USB Charger is perfect if you’re new to vaping and don’t want to break the bank. It’s only $15 and is compatible with almost every cartridge we sell.

Top Recommended Cartridges

Good Supply’s Mountain Mist Vape Cartridge comes in at 90% THC, which is very high! This is a 510 thread cart, so it will screw onto the San Rafael ‘71 pen. It also has a tangy, citrus flavour that will wake up your taste buds. 

For a more subtle high, the Yoo-hoo Yuzu + CBG Vape Cartridge comes in at 77% THC and is a sativa-dominant strain combined with 20% CBG that can help you feel more calm, focused, and at ease. 

Best Wax/Dab Vaporizer

Whereas cartridges come pre-loaded with cannabis oils, resin, and distillate, the Yocan - CUBEX is like carrying a portable dab rig in your pocket. Load your preferred concentrate directly onto the coils in a secure compartment and enjoy a potent toke. We recommend chatting with our Budtenders and checking out the Yocan Manual before your first use.

Try Something New: Vape Pens in Fort Macleod

Despite all the options, you don’t have to be a cannabis expert to enjoy the benefits of weed vape pens. They’re designed to be accessible and enjoyable, so give them a go!

At Fort Bud Supply, we’ll make sure you feel confident about your purchase. That means finding a pen that best suits your needs and advising you on what cannabis concentrates to use with it.

We’re always happy to chat, and when you visit any of our nine locations across southern Alberta, you can be certain that you’re getting the best advice from people who care about your cannabis experience. 


  1. Government of Canada https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/drugs-health-products/cannabis-10-ways-reduce-risks.html

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