Searching for Vape Pens in Lethbridge South, West, or North? These are our Favourites

Explore cannabis vape pens in Lethbridge - convenient, discreet, and budget-friendly options. Bridge Bud Supply has you covered.


How To

Every superhero needs a trusted sidekick. One that will always be by your side ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you. Vape pens are like your sidekick. Small and portable devices that let you enjoy cannabis anywhere. They’re quick and easy alternatives to rolling joints or packing bowls. And best of all, they won’t make you smell like smoke.

Harvest Bud Supply in Lethbridge North, South, and West has many budget-friendly vape pens. We offer a price-match guarantee so that when you find a great deal in the area, we can match it.

What is the Difference Between a Vape Pen and an E-Cigarette?

An e-cigarette vaporizes nicotine while a vape pen vaporizes cannabis concentrates. They are both small devices with a battery attached to a cartridge and produce minimal odour.

What Should I Know Before Using a Vape Pen?

Weed concentrates are far more potent than raw cannabis flower. When you smoke flower with a joint or a bong, the THC levels are typically in the 20% - 30% range. While vape cartridges are in the 75% - 90% THC range. 

You have to inhale more gently when you use a vape pen. As you inhale, the air needs to be heated up and if you suck too hard, you won't get a smooth hit from your pen.

Short and quick puffs from your pen will avoid overheating the mouthpiece and burning your lips.

Vape Pen Lingo

Before you make any purchases, talk with our Budtenders at Bridge Bud Supply. And so you don’t feel like a total newbie here are some things to get familiar with.

What is a 510-Thread Battery?

The 510 thread refers to the battery’s connection size. It allows the battery to attach to the cartridge. Any vape cart you purchase from Bud Supply will be a 510-thread cart.

What are Vape Carts?

Cannabis vape carts, also called vape cartridges, are small containers filled with cannabis concentrates. They can be used with a 510 battery thread found at Harvest Bud Supply in Taber

How do Vape Pens Work?

When you activate the pen, either with a button or by sucking, you heat the concentrate. It turns into vapour that you inhale.

What are the Different Kinds of Cannabis Vape Pens?

The three main materials used in vape pens are vape juices and oils, dry herbs, and concentrates. You can’t use one pen for all the different types of materials.

There are disposable pens, vape carts, and pens for cannabis concentrate and flower. Here are some of the products we carry in each of our locations at Bridge Bud Supply.

Vape Carts

The most popular way to smoke cannabis concentrates is with a vape cart. The Gelato Mint Live Resin Vape Cart found at Bridge Bud Supply Lethbridge West is unique because of the flavours you get from live resin instead of oil. Don’t know the difference between live resin and oil? Here’s a guide - “Extracting Everything We Know About Cannabis Concentrates".

Vape Battery

To screw on any 510 thread concentrate chamber you need a batter like the BoxHot 510 Vape Battery. With this, you simply screw off your empty vape cart and swap it with a full one.

Disposable Vape Pens

These all-in-one units like the Fruit Punch Disposable Vape at Bridge Bud Supply Lethbridge South are locked, loaded, and ready for consumption. But are neither rechargeable nor refillable. 

Dry Herb Vaporizer

A healthier alternative to smoking cannabis flower is to vaporize it. The Vie Vaporizer for dry herb at Bridge Bud Supply Lethbridge North is the best bang for your buck.

Why are Vape Pens Popular?

The best thing about vape pens is that they are convenient. They slip into your pocket and produce less odour when you use them. Here are the main benefits:

  1. Compact and discreet - enjoy cannabis on the go without smelling dank.
  2. Less harsh than smoking - burning at lower temperatures gives a smoother hit.
  3. Experimentation - with so many flavours on the market, it’s like tasting the rainbow.
  4. Budget-Friendly - affordable options at Bridge Bud Supply give you top products without breaking the bank.

Where to Buy Vape Pens in Lethbridge

For great deals and affordable prices on vape pens and cartridges, visit Bridge Bud Supply in Lethbridge. We have three locations: Bridge Bud Supply, North, South, and West so that it’s convenient no matter where you are.

Quality and Value at Bridge Bud Supply

For a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis, try out a vape pen.  Bridge Bud Supply across Lethbridge has a wide selection of budget-friendly vape pens for you. Check out our article Cannabis Chocolates in Lethbridge for  an even more discreet way to enjoy cannabis.

Our commitment to quality is matched by our price-match guarantee so that you get the best value in the area. The benefits of vape pens, including their compactness, reduced harshness, and variety of flavours, make them a popular choice. Before making a purchase, have a chat with our knowledgeable Budtenders and ask for a recommendation.

Visit us at any of our locations - North, South, or West, for great deals and affordable prices on vape pens and cartridges today.

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